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1 day ago
Following on from the post below...And the Senators acknowledged producers and engineers as well. Thanks to Geoff Emerick for posting.
1 day ago
The U.S. Senate has passed the Music Modernisation Act which follows on the recent rulings on music copyright. A step forward. It's about time.
3 days ago
Orson Welles had to get completely out of his skull to do this advert for a decidedly inferior "champagne". It's too bad that he got so wasted that he blew the advert to smithereens. Cheers to OW!!!!Thanks to Chris Blackwell for posting.
4 days ago
A clip from a trippy 1911 film version of Dante's Inferno.
5 days ago
Remembering Johnny Ramone who passed away 14 years ago. R.I.P. Thanks to Vera Ramone King for posting.
5 days ago
The art of bookbinding. A collection of photos. Thanks to Stephen Ellcock for posting.