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Speaking of Interplanetary. Yesterday Virgin Galactic reached space with humans on board. Commercial interplanetary travel is on the horizon. Cheers to Richard Branson and all at Virgin Galactic! Thanks to Sue A. Hutson for posting.

On the way to Rovereto, Italy with Cassell S Webb .1 981 Nommos + new album for 2019 The Canon (Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music vol. 2). Rehearsal today . . Playing tomorrow night. — travelling to verona from Gatwick Airport

Dragonflies, Plate from Brehm's Tierleben (Brehm’s animal life) , by Alfred Edmund Brehm, published Leipzig & Vienna, 1893. Thanks to Stephen Ellcock for posting.

Celebrating the 120th Birthday of Deutsche Grammophon Music...the yellow label.Cheers!

45 years ago.....CBGB opened under that name.Thanks to Vera Ramone King for posting.